Karrie the Lost Star: The Best Build, Skills, and Combos

Karrie the Lost Star: The Best Build, Skills, and Combos

Karrie, the Lost Star is the best hero for you if you love Mobile Legends and want to take over the fight with a strong marksman. We’ll show you how to play the game by giving you the best build, skills, symbol, combos, and pro tips.

Karrie the Lost Star has the Unleashing True Damage passive skill.

She can hurt her enemies with simple moves and strikes. They’re out of luck after being marked five times! The Lightwheel Mark really hurts enemies, even the hardest ones. Remember that for the most damage, attack speed is more important than attack power.

Karrie the Lost Star: The first skill is spinning a light wheel.

Spinning Lightwheel is a powerful move that sends energy in a certain way, slowing down and hurting enemies. Great for putting pressure on opponents, clearing waves, or getting out of tough spots. Just throw it in a way that makes your enemies feel the pain.

Karrie the Lost Star: Ghost is the second skill. Step

Karrie runs fast and throws a lightwheel at her enemies, killing them and leaving a mark on them. First, improve this skill to make dashes go faster. You can use it to chase enemies, get out of tight spots, or even avoid hits. Know what I mean? You can run through walls, which is a great way to get away.

Karrie the Lost Star: The best – Speedy Lightwheel

With Speedy Lightwheel, you can enter the Dual Wield state and get extra speed and two lightwheels for every basic move. In duels or team fights, use it wisely to cause a lot of damage. Need to get away quickly? When you turn it on, it will speed you up and help you beat your enemies.

The best way to build Karrie is to crush it with items.

Focus on attack speed items instead of straight attack power to get the most out of Karrie. This plan makes sure that you can quickly mark and shred enemies. Get those things that speed up your attacks, and watch your enemies fall apart!

Learning Karrie’s Moves:

  • Dance Your Way Through Battles
  • Whirling Fury
  • Use the Spinning Lightwheel to slow down the enemy.
  • Dash with Phantom Step lets you move quickly.
  • To finish the job, turn on Speedy Lightwheel.
  • The Escape Artist
  • You can dash through walls with Phantom Step.
  • Turn on Speedy Lightwheel to get away quickly.
  • Laugh while your enemies try to catch you.

Advice and Help:

How to Get Better at Karrie

Controlling the early game: Get the Spinning Lightwheel to level up first to put pressure on your opponents in the lane and quickly clear the first wave.


Aim for the middle of the wave of minion enemies when using Spinning Lightwheel to do the most damage.

That’s not all that Chase and Escape: Phantom Step can do. If you need to get away from something sticky or avoid an enemy spell during a fierce team fight, you can use it.

Dual Wield Tactics:

To get the most out of duels and team fights, activate Speedy Lightwheel first. Want to get away? For a quick boost of speed, use it.

Are you ready to use Karrie to her fullest on the Mobile Legends battlefield? You can easily win if you have the right build, skills, and attacks. Do it with Karrie to beat your enemies, move up the ranks, and become a AGENGACOR Mobile Legends hero!